Faith Milestones

Faith Milestones

Each Faith Milestone is a chance for our church to celebrate a significant mark in children’s lives as they grow in faith! (FAUMC is in the process of formalizing these wonderful milestones. Watch for more Faith Milestone celebrations to be added!)

Preschoolers – Welcome to Sunday School! We’re happy you’re here!

In the fall, new preschoolers receive a warm welcome from our Preschool teachers and their very own ‘Turn and Learn’ Bible Story book.

2nd Graders : Communion

In September/early October, our 2nd graders learn about the sacrament of Communion. On World Communion Sunday, the 2nd graders are invited to help set the communion table for the congregation.

3rd Graders : Bible Presentation

The second Sunday of Sunday School in the fall, each of our 3rd graders is presented with their very own Bible during the worship service. Throughout this year, our students begin to learn the mechanics of Bible (e.g., What is a book/chapter/verse? How do I find..?)

4th Graders : Acolyte

Any interested 4th grader is invited to be an acolyte, joining the 5th and 6th grade acolytes. Those who want to participate attend a special class to learn about the importance of light during worship and what it means to help with worship.

8th Graders – Confirmation

Our 8th graders have the opportunity to make a deliberate and intentional commitment to live as a member of the body of Christ through Confirmation. FAUMC celebrates with our 8th graders as they publicly affirm this commitment during worship.

12th Graders – Senior Send-off

In the spring, our graduating seniors are recognized during worship. The congregation holds them in their hearts as the seniors venture forth into unknown, exciting futures!