Giving to Fairmount

Giving to Fairmount








One of the important pieces of our faith development is our heritage. The lives of saints who preceded us remain blessings for us today. They inspire us to continue the great tradition of the people of God. The Memorials and Living Gifts Committee of Fairmount Avenue United Methodist Church exists to assist people in selecting memorials and/or living gifts to remember and honor persons in tangible and lasting forms. Find more information in the Memorials brochure.

Congregational Endowment

In 1990, FAUMC established the Congregational Endowment Fund (CEF). The purpose of this fund is to strengthen the mission of FAUMC by providing funds additional to that in the general operating budget. Money in the CEF is invested with the Minnesota United Methodist Foundation. In most years, 50% of the CEF’s earnings during the prior year are disbursed to the church. At least 10% of the prior year earnings must be disbursed for outreach beyond the church. The rest of the disbursement can be used for additional outreach and/or for purposes within the church, including capital improvements and program support. The CEF is overseen and managed by a five-member committee along with the Pastor. The principal in the CEF comes only from gifts. These have included periodic gifts by individuals as well as several bequests. Since only the earnings of gifts are disbursed, gifts to the Congregational Endowment Fund keep on giving. Over the life of the fund the amount disbursed from a gift will far exceed the amount of the original gift. In the past 10 years the fund has disbursed over $30,000. Please consider the CEF when doing your estate planning. If you have any questions or are interested in making a donation to the Congregational Endowment Fund, please contact the church office.