Healthy Adolescence

A Healthy Preparation for Adolescence

FAUMC is committed to helping parents nurture their children so they grow into healthy young adults. We offer a two-year workshop for children and their parents to learn and discuss the changes that face them in the next few years. The workshops are led by professionals within our congregation: doctors, social workers, counselors.

Each year’s workshop includes student and parent, student only, and parent only sessions. Workshops are held typically one Friday night and Saturday during February.

Part I, Year 1 : For all 5th-6th graders and parents.

The first year provides an opportunity to learn, grow and celebrate the fact that we have each been wonderfully created by God and are called to responsible living as sexual beings. The primary focus is learning about male and female anatomy. The materials used in the workshop are based on the book Created by God, by James H. Ritchie, Jr. Created by God is a study of human sexuality with a Christian foundation.

Part II, Year 2 : For all 6th-7th graders and parents.

The second year builds on the information discussed in Year 1. This year will focus on relationships and how our faith can help develop healthy attitudes toward sexuality. Media and social networking issues are included within the discussions.