How to Help

Helping with Worship

There are many ways to be a part of worship service, some are listed below. If you would like to be part of our worship team, please contact the church office.

Lay Reader

A significant part of the Sunday morning worship team is the role of lay reader. The lay reader is a liturgist who may be asked to lead the congregation in responsive readings, unison prayers, affirmations of faith, or Scripture readings. The task may vary depending on what is happening during worship on each particular Sunday. The lay reader meets with the pastor prior to worship for a time of prayer and instruction. Being a lay reader is one way to share your gift of ministry with others at Fairmount Avenue. If you are interested in being a lay reader or any part of the worship team, please contact the church office.


The ushers are another component of our worship team that extends our spirit of hospitality. Ushers will offer you our church bulletin and assist you to your seat. They will help with any questions you may have regarding the worship service or help familiarize you with the church building. Ushers also assist in making worship a meaningful experience by receiving our tithes and offerings and directing worshippers to receive communion. If you need any assistance during the worship service, our ushers are there to help you.


Greeters are an important part of our worship team. They welcome worshippers to the building and are the first contact people have with us on Sunday mornings. Our greeters are an extension of the welcoming spirit we provide at Fairmount Avenue. As you enter the church on Sunday mornings, the greeters will welcome you and offer you any assistance you may need entering the sanctuary or finding your way around the church building.


All 4th – 6th graders are invited to participate in worship as an acolyte after attending a training session. The lighting of our candles is a very important part of our service as the flames represent the presence of God with us. This important role must be treated with reverence and humility. By lighting the candles on the altar, you are helping remind people that God is always with us. At the end of the service, when you relight your candle lighter and take the flame out of the sanctuary, you represent that God’s love is with us wherever we go. Also, lighted candles remind us that Jesus is the Light of the World.