Youth Council

Youth Leadership

The “Youth Council” is the decision making body for the youth. It is a joint youth and parent committee which make decisions and set direction for the group.

Youth Council Meetings

When: First Monday of each month
Who: All youth and parents invited to attend
Youth Chairs are responsible for communicating information to rest of youth group


Youth Co-Chairs

  • Matt Cousin
  • Austin Stemme

Service Co-Chairs

  • Thomas Hugart
  • Blair Koontz
  • Peter Weber

Fundraising Co-Chairs

  • Chris Kelley
  • Matt Van Fleet

Parents’ Night Out Co-Chairs

  • Carolyn Kelly
  • John Kelly

Social Co-Chairs

  • Blake Butenhoff
  • Mackenzie Mazhari

Adult Leaders

  • Paul Cousin
  • Verena Van Fleet